Bubble On Circus is a company created to find innovative theatre concepts.

It’s based on a large experience on the show business and on the knowledge of circus arts, magic and comedy.

Mariano and Egle, members of Bubble On Circus, have been performing since 1997 in more than 15 countries, such as France, Japan, Argentina, Spain, south Korea, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, China, Austria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Chile.

In 2015 they release their last creation, “The magic Breath”, a show that offers a new way to approach the world of bubbles.


He had been creating since 1996 theatre shows, circus, music, bubble soap and magic with a lot af humour contents.

​Producer and director of a cultural space called “La Plaza de las Artes” in Madrid and creator of different international festival such a “Humor Madrid”, “Magia a la vista”, “La Plaza Mágica”.


2015 // The Magic Breath (the current show).
2012 // Mate de Remate (the current show).
2010 – 2012 // Olímpicos
2008 – 2012 // Neon
2006 – 2012 // Kataplum
2005 – 2008 // Los Kretinos
2002 – 2005 // Fiesta Popular, el espectáculo continúa…
2000 -2001 // Circo Xiclo
1998 – 2000 // Los Clowncineros
1997 – 1998 // Fiesta Popular
1996 – 1997 // 100 revoluciones por minuto


CIRCUS: Sebastían Guz, Fernando Santillán, Leandro Lei y otros
PHYSICAL THEATRE AND MIME: Loco Brusca, José Piris (Marcel Marceaux school), Juan Gamba y Daniela García.
CLOWN: Cristina Rota.
MAGIC: Mad Martín, Mago Maguz.
STAND UP COMEDY: Agustín Jimenez.
BUBBLE: David Vega, Javier Urbina, Enrico y Dace Pezzolli.


It’s more than 15 years that the artist Egle Sciarappa is dedicated to performing arts such as dance,
circus, phisical theatre, clown, music and magic.


Since 2001 she has been participating in different projects directed by herself and at the same time she continueed to study complementary arts that give to her more and more professionality.


She gained the best female interpretation prix with the show “Che continui la festa!” with the company TARANDTELA in the “Certamen de Teatro de Arroyo de la Encomienda” (Valladolid, Spin) and the “COUP DE COEUR” prix in the “Festival di Artisti di Strada di Ascona”, Switzerland.


DANCE: in Italy “Scuola di danza Tersicore”.
CIRCUS: in the Netherlands “Circus Helleboog”, in Madrid “Escuela de Circo Carampa”, “Escuela municipale de circo de Alcorcón” and “Escuela de circo Charivari”.
MUSIC: olfège and accordión in the “Escuela tradicional de accordeón de Madrid”.


PHYSICAL THEATRE AND CLOWN: he artist studied with clowns such as Gabriel Chamé (Cirque du Soleil) and Hernán Gené:
with physical theatre actors and mime like Norman Taylor (Lecoq), José Piris (Marcel Marceaux), Juan Gamba and Daniela García and with magicians like Mad Martin and humourists like Agustín Gimenez.


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